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"When things are difficult, remember who you are"
"Who am I?" asked the boy
"You are loved" said the horse.

Charley Mackesy


Axel A Riordan


Axel was diagnosed with Metachromatic Leukodystrophy right before his 3rd birthday. MLD is a rare and violently progressive neurological disease that robs him of living his life. Prior to his diagnosis Axel was so outgoing, full of life, running in fields, jumping in puddles, chasing kitties and riding horses. Now, Axel can no longer walk, crawl, sit up, talk, play or eat on his own. He has almost no muscle control at this point.
Although this disease is trying hard to take everything from him, MLD will never take away his love and passion for animals. His heart is bigger than anyone I know and he is truly in his happy place when surrounded by nature and animals.

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