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Axel's 3rd Birthday- October 2020

I am catching up on blogs from almost a year ago- here is to start!

Axel's 3rd birthday party was hard. It was the first big gathering we had since the diagnosis. It brought up so many emotions seeing how different he was compared to his 2nd birthday, and not in the way we wanted to see. Having these pictures with the wheel chair and feeding pump in the background in pretty much all photos from here forward seriously sucks. He wasn't able to keep up with all the other kids at the party, he wasn't able to do a lot of the things a normal 3 year old should be doing, and this was the better part of his condition. Before things got much, much worse.

I was in no condition to be hosting a party, of course, but it is what we do. And I would not fail my party lovin' man on his BIRTHDAY! So we hosted, we had so many friends, family and loved ones come spend the afternoon with us. Axel truly enjoyed himself being around all his favorite people.

We are coming up on his 4th birthday soon and I know things will look even more different than before, it's going to be hard.. if not harder than the last because we've seen the changes and know them. We aren't as ignorant to the disease as we once were.

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