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Spirit of the Wind- December 2020

In the Spring of 2020 I came across this old little pony that was available for rescue close to us and I would check up on her every few weeks to see if she was still available.. fast forward a few months later she was STILL available for adoption and I knew she was meant to be ours. I said forget it, no more wishing we had a pony of our own to play with were getting one! So for Christmas the boys (and myself) got our own little pony! Her name is Spirit of the Wind, Spirit for short. She is seriously the most angelic little thing to ever walk this land. She is SO kind and SO gentle around kids she truly shows her feelings in her eyes and she's just so lovable. We couldn't of found a more perfect pony. Spirit was actually my inspiration for starting "Axel's Free Spirit" therapy farm because she is the perfect therapy pony. Her and Ax have an amazing bond, she will literally stand by his side for as long as he wants her to!

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