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Image by Ben Shbeeb


A non-profit sanctuary for two and four legged souls.


When Axel was diagnosed with Metachromatic Leukodystrophy he was very abruptly robbed of all the things he loved to do as a typical and wild two-year-old. He couldn’t run and play any longer, he couldn’t wrestle with his brother or chase the dogs, he couldn’t jump on the bed while I sang “no more monkeys jumping on the bed” he lost a lot of himself. One thing that MLD will never take from him is his love and compassion for animals. Animals bring Axel so much joy and happiness I knew I had to do something amazing for him, something he can enjoy no matter what MLD steals next from him.

December 2020, we adopted a horse named Spirit who is the light of his life. The moment you mention Spirit or “horsey” to him he squeals with joy. Seeing his face light up at the thought of seeing his horse is a feeling I cannot explain. I’d like to say the feeling is mutual between Axel and his horse, she is a gentle giant and will stand by him as long as he wants her to. She truly rescued his heart.

After knowing firsthand the positive emotional support horses and animals can bring you and then being able to witness it second hand with my own child, I knew I had to make a difference in this world.

Purpose: The purpose of Axel’s Free Spirit is to provide an emotional sanctuary for kids to come and escape their reality and find their inner peace. To love and be loved in return by these furry angels is something you must feel for yourself. Here they will not be looked at differently, treated differently, feel out of place or uncomfortable.

The entire farm will be able to accommodate all types of adaptive equipment, something I quickly realized most petting farms are not able to provide.

On top of making life a little happier for our kids, Axel’s Free Spirit will also be making a big difference for rescue animals everywhere. All animals added to the farm will be rescues needing a second chance and forever home where they will feel nothing but love for the rest of their lives.

Axel’s Free Spirit will be making a difference in two and four legged souls for many years to come and Axel will be able to leave an amazing legacy behind.

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